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Lip Blush

A form of cosmetic tattooing, which is permanent.  Lip Blush creates beautifully shaped and coloured lips giving you a full, defined lip contour either replicating your natural lip base colour or adding a colour of your choice.  There is a selection of colours to choose from.  Lip blush is about making your lips even and creating the illusion of volume all while ensuring the colour stays put! Lip blush will heal to a subtle lip tint, enhancing the lips and leaving them looking full, defined and fresh.

If you have lost some lip contour round the border or have uneven pigmentation or are just fed up of reapplying lipstick throughout the day this treatment is for you!  Bring your lips back to life with lip blush.

Treatment will require a follow up between 6-10 weeks and then a top up / colour boost treatment is recommended annually.

Macro photo of the process of applying permanent makeup of a natural color on a womans lip


Once the treatment is completed you will likely get some slight swelling and or redness.  This will subside within 24 hours.  We will book a follow up between 6-10 weeks after your first session.  This appointment is to see how the pigment has healed and make any tweaks to the shape or colour.


The lips will go through a healing process and the true healed results wont be seen until 6 weeks after the treatment.   You can expect the colour to appear bolder, brighter and more defined straight after the treatment.  Around day 2-3 the lips will feel chapped and dry and little flakes will start to peel off.  The colour underneath will appear lighter and dull and sometimes will even appear to have disappeared!  This is where a new layer of skin has healed over the top to protect them.  During the next 4-6 weeks the colour will bloom and look more vibrant.

The length of time a lip blush treatment will last is different for everyone.  Things that will fade lip blush quicker are:


Sunlight / sun beds / smoking / alcohol / chemical lip plumpers / extreme exfoliants


*Please note if you have ever suffered from a cold sore you must get in touch before booking a treatment.   

Lip Blush   295.00 (treatment time up to 3 hrs)

6-10 week follow up included

Consultation & Patch test required at least 48 hours prior to treatment

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