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A form of cosmetic tattooing, which is permanent.  Eyeliner adds definition and colour to the lash line enhancing the eyes and making the lashes appear fuller. Eyeliner can be added to the top, bottom or both to create a bespoke treatment to suit your eye shape and preferred style. 

Delicately and precisely pigment is implanted into the skin along the lash line.

Are you fed up with spending time doing your eyeliner every morning? Fed up with it smudging throughout the day?  Then permanent eyeliner is a great solution for you.  

Treatment will require a follow up between 6-10 weeks and then a top up / colour boost treatment recommended annually.

Contouring woman eye with permanent make-up, black eyeliner line..jpg

what to expect

Once the treatment is completed you will likely get some slight swelling and or redness.  This will subside within 24 hours.  It will not affect your eyesight.  We will book a follow up between 6-10 weeks after your first session.  This appointment is to see how the pigment has healed and make any tweaks to the shape or colour.

You will go through a healing process and can expect the eyeliner to appear bolder and more defined straight after the treatment.  Around day 2-3 the eyeliner will start flaking and the eyes will feel dry, the colour underneath will look very faded and sometimes can even appear to have disappeared, this is due to the body forming a new layer of skin over the top.  During the next 4-6 weeks the colour will return and look more vibrant with the fully healed result being achieved by 6 weeks.

The length of time an eyeliner treatment will last is different for everyone.  Things that will fade eyeliner quicker are:

Sunlight / smoking / alcohol / eye conditions such as dry eye

*Please note the use of lash serums must stop at least 6 weeks before treatment.  

Eyeliner   295.00 (treatment time up to 3 hrs)

6- 10 week follow up included

Consultation & Patch test required at least 48 hours prior to treatment

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